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Avatars For blaxxun 3D chat By morgretha

avatar pictures
avatars that have come and gone
My VRML for cybertown
Faux Stained Glass
Faux stained glass 2
Faux Stained Glass 3
What are Farandolae?
New Roller Skaters

As of August Cybertown is free!! For how long it can remain free no one knows. It will depend of some contributions.  Check out Cybertown today and if you have an old nick you want activated check out the cybertown page on Facebook.  A virtual reality 3-D chat for all ages. Sci Fi fans and people who would like to showcase art they create find this online community rewarding. Based on "SnowCrash" by Neal Stephenson. Join up for one month free. Please use my name as a referral. ty morgretha

ParallelGraphics Complete Web3D viewer The best vrml viewer on the web Free download


The Claire series. I have some bandwidth. I added the links so these avs may be borrowed for your personal use. Click on picture below and copy link.


This Claire above does not dance


This Claire above dances. Short hair short dress


The Clair above dances. Long hair long dress

Claire at suburbs worlds by ct members


The Suburbs ongoing world creations by ct members

Link for moranne2 below on skate page


you can decorate your own clubs at ct

Be a visitor at ct. Have a look around.

If you visit ct read the right side of screen. Feel free to ask questions.

Tinuviel of Cybertown
Inner Realms. One of many nice 3D places to visit and chat

catzette from Cybertown
1930 gothic wedding dress.

my contact info

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Boris Grebenshikov a Russian hero!
This picture is a link to the Russian site Aquarium

Boris Grebenshikov a poet and musician
This picture is a link to the English site Aquarium

efarstan in his fav music room

Be Kind to Oneself on Ones journey