What are Farandolae?

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What are Farandolae?
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Farandolae are charactors from the book "A Wind in the Door" by Madeleine L'Engle.


Perhaps a mature Farandolae tree looks like this

If you are not well pretend that the area of your distress is concious and has a name. Say hi and talk about getting well and whatever you like. Pretend you are talking to a person.

Farandolae are concious. So are the many parts of our bodies and our lovely bodies as a whole

You can give your body some very beneficial suggestions. For instance, "I want you to be healthy and good looking body" Whatever feels right to you. 

Don't be afraid to have a conversation and to let that distressed area know you want them to be well. Remember you are the "director" and your body awaits your instuructions. I will send energy to you and you can accept it or not and use any way you want . tamasjalaro  huggs, morgretha

Purple Crystal Ball

Be Kind to Oneself on Ones journey